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Asaf Avidan - In a Box II
live acoustic recordings

Locking himself for 48 hours with his instruments, 2 cameras and his songs in an abandoned monastery, Asaf Avidan brings us an intimate, close up journey into his music and his soul.

These 14 live recordings, designed as an internet project, are a direct
message from an artist to his fans, inviting them to come as close as possible and go through a personal labyrinth of emotions together.

As Avidan says it -
“Sometimes when I play a song alone to myself or to a loved one, in some hotel room, a backstage hall or whatever…
A thought occurs to me. How beautifully pure and honest is this moment?
How intimate and personal is this setting for a song to be set free?

IN A BOX was made to try to recreate those close and personal moments and capture them in an intimate, almost voyeuristic way.
I close myself with some instruments, my songs, a camera, and nothing else for 48 hours. Not a recording studio.
Not a stage. Any room that inspires in it’s imperfection.

Live recordings. No cuts or edits. No stopping and fixing.
Just as though I am singing to somebody there, in front of me.
With me and that song in that room at that moment.”

1. Is This It
2. Fair Haired Traveller
3. Gold Shadow
4. The Labyrinth Song
5. My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days
6. Small Change Girl
7. Love It Or Leave It
8. Over You Blues
9. Her Lies
10. Cyclamen
11. Bang Bang
12. Different Pulses
13. Your Anchor
14. My Latest Sin

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